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If you've always wanted to know the names of the stars and all the constellations that can be seen in the night sky, Star Walk 2 Free gives you access to a comprehensive map of the stars that will help you learn their names.

To orient the map correctly, the simplest way is to match up the current location of the sun or the moon with the application. Then, you'll be able to find all the stars, satellites, and comets above you in the night sky.

Star Walks 2 Free has a compass that tells you where north is, which is really useful for locating the point where the sun set, in the case of the moon not being visible on a particular night. Here, you'll also be given a clock that tells you the time it is in your exact location. You'll also be able to see the map at night so that you can more easily put all the pieces together.

This application allows you to look at all the celestial bodies in 3D. You'll be able to see amazing animations of planetary nebula or constellations, making Star Walk 2 Free an even more beautiful application.
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To get more detailed information about each star you must pay for the full version.

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